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Installing AWS CLI on Windows Machine

Downloading the installer

Go to and download the installer for Windows machine.

Installing through the installer

double-click on the installer and do the installation like installing a normal free software with the default setting.

Testing the installation

You can open a command prompt (CMD) and type the following command to confirm the installation

aws --version

It will return the version number installed and the python version used (AWS CLI built using python)

aws-cli/2.7.30 Python/3.9.11 Windows/10 exe/AMD64 prompt/off

Configuring the setting for LocalStack

To make even sure that the installation is usable, we can try it with LocalStack. Type the following command to start the configuration:

aws configure --profile localstack_profile

fill each prompt with the following values:

AWS Access Key ID [None]: test
AWS Secret Access Key [None]: test
Default region name [None]: us-east-1
Default output format [None]: json

It will create and save the configuration in C:\Users\yourusername\.aws folder. Then try some AWS CLI command to make interaction with LocalStack:

aws --endpoint-url=http://localhost:4566 s3api create-bucket --bucket sample-bucket
aws --endpoint-url=http://localhost:4566 s3api list-buckets

Just remember when you turned off the localstack and you restarted it again, all the buckets created will be deleted because LocalStack isn’t the real thing as AWS itself.