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Windows Common Batch Commands for Linux Users

Creating an empty file

creating an empty file in the current directory:

$ touch sample.txt
> echo. > sample.txt

Creating an empty directory

For creating an empty directory in the current directory, both share the same command:

mkdir new_folder

Show a list of files and folders

show list of the current directory:

$ ls
> dir

Copying a file or directory

copying a file:

$ cp sample.txt sample2.txt
> copy sample.txt sample2.txt

copying a directory:

$ cp new_folder new_folder2

NOTE: In Windows, we can’t copy an empty directory. Use mkdir instead.

> copy new_folder new_folder

Moving a file or directory

moving a file:

$ mv folder1/file1.txt folder2/file1.txt
> move folder1\file1.txt folder2\file1.txt 

moving a folder:

$ mv folder2 folder1
> move folder2 folder1

Display a file content

$ cat file1.txt
> type file1.txt